We work to empower your digital identity.

In a world where identity theft is a fact of life, you need tools and information that help you take control. You live a busy, connected life. Whether you’re working, shopping, or sharing you’re constantly online and on-the-go. You simply don’t have time for the hassle or harm identity theft can bring.

At IdentityWorks, we’re people just like you. That’s why our team works so hard to simplify identity theft and empower digital identities. We watch over a wide range of credit and non-credit data factors to spot exposure — and alert you immediately so you can take action.

The IdentityWorks team is based in Austin, Texas. We keep our finger on the pulse of evolving criminal activities, and never stop innovating to bring you the best possible identity monitoring and protection services.

If you have a personal data problem — or simply suspect one — our expert support staff is here to help, 24/7/365. Just call.